online pharmacy technician schoolsOnline pharmacy technician schools, bring the ability to achieve the goal of becoming a pharmacist assistant to the comfort of home. All of the benefits of a traditional college, such as access to financial aid, counseling and tutoring are just as accessible, as well as being more convenient because of flexibility.

Online schools will generally be more short-term as coursework is accelerated. Studies have shown that students attending a pharmacy technician school online perform much better than a student a trained at traditional university. If you have a job, the coursework can be completed at a student’s convenience.

By setting your own pace, more knowledge is absorbed versus the strict curriculum of a traditional classroom. No worries about transportation either, as all training is done from wherever a student wishes.

Online Pharmacy Technician Schools

Because some costs aren’t necessary, such as parking fees, commuting and textbooks, because of resources like online textbooks, it is sometimes cheaper to attend an online learning facility.

As discussed at, some down-sides to attending an online school is that a student won’t receive the hands-on experience, that eventually will be needed to be successful in this career. Depending on your computer experience, you may or may not be comfortable with learning new software applications they may be required for certain courses. Studying with classmates or receiving one-on-one tutoring may also be more appealing than emailing back and forth if a student is having difficulty understanding an assignment.

Top 5 Online Pharmacy Technician Schools

1.) The Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA)

This school offers an associates degree to become a pharmacy technician. Their curriculum, which requires between 14 to 22 months, focuses on acquiring the knowledge and experience to assist pharmacists with preparing and dispensing prescriptions at hospitals, retail pharmacies, nursing homes and mail-order pharmacies. Additionally, after completing required courses, a student will also be able to; restock inventory, keep and maintain medication records and profiles on patients, along with preparing commercial medications that are not readily available. Being ABHES Accredited gives students the assurance that their degree is acceptable.

2.) Penn Foster –

The U.S. Department of Education lists the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) , who accredits Penn Foster Career School, as being recognized as a national accrediting entity. Conveniently, students taking Penn’s online classes, will receive their affordable training quickly. Besides being recognized for being respected world wide as an online educational provider, Penn is fast becoming renown for its pharmacy technician training.

3.) Western Governors Institute (WGU Indiana)

This institution focuses on training their students to master and obtain the knowledge and skills required to become a pharmaceutical technician. this is achieved by measuring competencies and capabilities rather than the accumulation of a students credit hours. This approach, in addition to the flexibility of online classes and assessments and accredited by CCNE, assures the prospective student of exemplary training in becoming pharmacy technician.

4.) South University –

This university offers an online Associate of Science in Allied Health Science degree program that will prepare a student for many medical careers, including pharmacy technician. Online classes are designed to equip students to become health professionals y providing the most up-to-date information in the industry.

5.) Keiser University –

Obtaining an online Associate of Science degree in Pharmacy Technology at Keiser University is made hassle-free by their program’s directives of preparing a student in assisting pharmacists in filling prescriptions, IV medicine preparations and how to dispense medications in hospital and retail settings. Preparing students for potential employment in several arenas of health care, including institutional and retail settings.

Requirements For Online Pharmacy Technician Schools

Before registering for any one particular school, determine if the school is following your state’s requirements and is accredited in order to be able to transfer credits to another university if necessary to obtain a higher learning degree. Some online pharmacy technician schools require that you complete an internship under a practicing pharmacist or in a hospital pharmacy. Some classes you will be expected to pass will be:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Pharmacology
  • Communication
  • Algebra
  • Ethics and Law
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Computers and Technology

As previously mentioned, online pharmacy technician schools are now comparable to traditional learning institutions in level of knowledge and latest teaching techniques. While learning online may be very desirable for some potential pharmacy technicians, the traditional approach to obtaining a degree may be more what some students want. Either way, you can be assured that attending online pharmacy technician schools are a feasible alternative.


Some of the various pharmacy technician jobs in Michigan can pay a salary of as much as $40,000 annually or more. The hourly rate ranges from $12 to $16. People who work in this field are also entitled to fringe benefits such as paid vacations, health and life insurance, sick leave, and holidays.

Some employers provide their pharmacy technicians with free vitamins and some employees receive big discounts on personal purchases of prescribed drugs. Some hospitals and companies also provide their staff with free regular medical check-ups.

A Rewarding Career Path

Being a pharmacy technician is a very rewarding job. In order for you to become a professional in this field, you must be at least a high school graduate and apply to one of the pharmacy technician schools in michigan. You can either take a course to become a pharmacy assistant or become certified in pharmacy technology.

Requirements And Training

Before you can be qualified for enrollment, you are required to be tested for normal color vision as well as the ability to speak clearly. Pharmacy technician training in Michigan requires you to take classroom lessons in:

  • algebra
  • chemistry
  • pharmacy concepts
  • anatomy and physiology
  • medicine
  • drug distribution systems
  • microbiology
  • retail pharmacy

You will also need to take other courses such as drug products and names, filing and records, and gain some field experience as well.

Is Training Required To Get A Job?

If you are unable to enroll in these courses now, you can earn valuable experience by working as a stock clerk or cashier in a pharmaceutical setting. This will provide an opportunity for you observe the many types of pharmacy jobs available throughout Michigan.

The moment your employer sees potential in you, you can easily get promoted to a pharmacy technician. Other methods of entry into this career field is through apprenticeship, getting a community service job with a government agency, or applying for a volunteer job position.

Once you become eligible for a position, you can easily apply directly to hospitals, retail pharmacies, medical centers ,and large clinics. You can also try to look for job opportunities from local schools and academic institutions, colleges, vocational school placement offices, and local Michigan job fairs. Should you choose to apply with government agencies, they will require you to take a civil service exam and pass it.

Job openings for pharmacy assistants are also listed in local newspaper ads. Searching the Internet is a viable option as well. There are many jobs available for pharmacy assistants and you can always find something applicable to you.

Future Growth For Pharmacy Technician Jobs In Michigan

The growth of the population and the retirement of aging pharmacy assistants are some of the reasons for the wide availability of pharmacy technician jobs in Michigan. The increased use of computers in most pharmacies is expected to promote a higher level of productivity for pharmacy personnel. The development of new drugs as well as the introduction of advanced medical strategies for patient care is another main factor why the demand for this career field is increasing rapidly.

Job Duties And Tasks

As a pharmacy tech, your job will require you to mix prescriptions, make an inventory of stock, enter specific information into a computer, and prepare purchase order invoices to maintain stock levels. When orders are delivered, you may be required to receive them and place them in a stockroom. a pharmacy technician is also in charge of packaging and the labeling of drugs, pharmaceutical operations, and other chemicals.

You must know what to do with prescription forms from physicians, order forms from suppliers, as well as how to use a mortar and pestle. You should know how to use balance scales, handle syringes, use counting trays, as well as computer terminals.

You are also expected to clean work areas and equipment in the pharmacy. Other tasks include computing drug charges and filling medical cups with prescription drugs that are ordered from the company by different hospitals. Delivering prepared medication and running errands is sometimes a part of the job as well.

All these jobs are supervised directly by a licensed pharmacist. Together with other pharmacy technicians in your company, you work in a well-ventilated area that is clean and organized. Most pharmacy technicians are required to report for work for 40 hours a week or for 8 hours, 5 days a week.

Typical Work Hours

If you are employed in large pharmacies or hospitals that are open for 24 hours, 7 days a week, you may be required to work on different shifts. Being a pharmacy assistant, you may have the benefit of traveling to other places when you need to pick up supplies or prescriptions from other pharmacies or hospitals. You can travel using company transportation or you may be provided with transportation costs and allowances.

With this advise, you can clearly see why pharmacy technician jobs in Michigan are well-compensated and are highly-regarded. With some effort and determination, you can land a well-paying job that will be in high demand for years to come. Not only that, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that your work is highly appreciated and that you will be compensated accordingly.


Now more than ever, choosing the right career is important. We have seen a great decline in the work force in various industries, and choosing a career that offers growth and plenty of job opportunities is ideal. The position of a pharmacy tech is a growing and ever expanding field. It is a wise choice if you want job security and a salary you can live well on. Let’s take a further look at this career and how you can prepare for it.

What Does A Pharmacy Tech Do?

pharmacy tech

First you must understand what this position does in a pharmacy. They also work in a multitude of other places such as hospital, doctor’s offices and for private pharmaceutical companies. The most common setting is retail pharmacies though. They work directly with a licensed pharmacist and assist them throughout the day in preparing medications, stocking supplies and running transactions for patients. They also have direct contact with pharmaceutical companies to order in new supplies and meds and they work with insurance companies to bill customers.

Are There A Lot Of Jobs In This Field?

As mentioned earlier, this is a rapid growing industry and there are new pharmacies opening up all across the nation. This means that pharmacists need technicians to help them with the increase in patient care. As demand grows with the aging baby boomer population, many job opportunities are available and will increase even further in the near future.

As with most healthcare professions, they seem to be recession proof, as people always need healthcare, no matter what the current economic situation is. Once you complete you training and pharmacy technician certification, you will be sure to have a lot of employment opportunities.

Requirements to Become A Pharmacy Tech

There are no official government mandated requirements to become a pharmacy tech, however you do have to become certified. This is done through the pharmacy technician certification board. You must apply and be accepted to take an exam and then you must pass to become certified. Each state has their own board so the tests vary.

Since this job deals with pharmaceuticals and patient care, it is very important that pharmacy techs are properly trained and know how to deal with medications. Mistakes or wrong doses could be fatal if not handled correctly. There is also ongoing testing and you must rectify every 2 years to b sure you are up to date.

What Are Your Next Steps To Become A Certified Pharmacy Tech?

If this occupation sounds like something you are interested in, then it is time to move forward and start looking for pharmacy tech training programs. You can find them in various setting, including hospitals, comity colleges, vocational schools and even online schools. Most training programs are under a 2 years and can even be as short as 6 months. As you can see, going from training to a full time employee does not take long and you can be on your way to earning a great income in a stable job in no time.


This article will be covering more about what the typical pharmacy technician duties are in various settings. Pharmacy techs are trained health workers who deal with the dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs at a pharmacy. Technicians may acquire their degree through accredited colleges and hospitals, but they can work at a range of locations such as pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes etc. In a few locations, pharmaceutical technicians are allowed to work independently but usually, they have to work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Pharmacy Technician?

Most pharmacy technicians, assist licensed pharmacists in their job and they may carry out a range of duties. The actual job responsibilities of the technician will also depend on his education and licensing. For example, pharmacy technicians who have trained on the job will not be allowed to work independently.

pharmacy technician dutiesThey will have to work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. However, pharmacy technicians can also complete a course at vocational colleges and then acquire licensing through the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP).

There are currently more than 140 programs that are accredited with the association throughout the US. Formally trained pharmacy technicians are assigned a range of jobs that require minimal supervision. However, please note that most students that are accepted to the programs will have to undergo a mandatory background check. They will also have to have a high school diploma along with an acceptable GED score. The job duties of a trained, accredited and licensed pharmacy technician will vary according to the place that they are working in but their basic job responsibilities will include the following.

Pharmacy Technician Duties In a Hospital Setting

Strong customer care skills along with interpersonal and teamwork skills are necessary because you have to interact with patients, pharmaceutical representatives, their supervisors and their colleagues on a day to day basis. Technicians have to be willing to work in a team and be organized, cooperative, dedicated and responsible as they work with a range of medications. They also must be very careful about the rules and regulations of medical prescriptions. Most hospitals keep classified drugs that are medical grade and are only provided to the critically ill. Techs also have to read patient charts and measure out the dose of special medications.

This is especially important for patients that are admitted into hospitals and who are unconscious. The technician has to copy the chart information, prepare medications, and then provide them to the nurses who will then medicate patients. Even a single mistake can be quite dangerous for the patient. They may also have to set up a 24-hour regimen of medication for patients and then label and deliver the medication. In the hospital pharmacy, additional accounting and bookkeeping jobs may also be assigned to the technicians to inventory medication and indent medication for ordering from the company.

Pharmacy Tech Duties In Lab and Pharmaceutical Companies

In medical labs and pharmaceutical companies, the job description will vary considerably. Technicians may have to work with chemical specialists and medical pharmacologists and pharmacists to ensure that formulations are up to date and computed according to national or FDA rules and regulations. Packing of medications, packing, inventorying and supplying are all considered to be a part and parcel of the job. Technicians who continue their studies may also be promoted into management positions resulting in supervisory jobs on the factory floor or in packing and marketing.

Pharmacy Technician Duties In Private Pharmacies

duties of a pharmacy technicianPharmacy technician duties and responsibilities in a private pharmacy will vary considerably. They will have to read prescriptions, dispense medications, compute charges for the medications and medical equipment that was issued to a customers, deliver medicines to home-based patients, price and stock items for sale, maintain ledgers and sales vouchers for the sale and itemize the medications for reordering. It might also be necessary for pharmacy technicians to answer the phones and take orders for medications for home delivery.

Working For Online Pharmacy Websites

There are now several jobs open for pharmacy technicians with online pharmacies. Most customers who are based at home don’t want to order their embarrassing medications at a real-time pharmacy. As a result, pharmacy websites have a huge demand for trained medical professionals or pharmacy technicians who can understand customer requests and then verify the medication before it can be delivered to the patient. As a result, pharmacy technicians may be hired for work under a licensed pharmacist. As you can see, these medical professionals can have a wide variety of responsibilities and the pharmacy technician duties will be determined by where you work.


pharmacy technician certification practice testThe pharmacy technician certification practice test offers an effective means of preparing for the exam to become a registered pharmacy technician. The pharmacy technician test is used in certification of technicians that work closely with pharmacists in filling a doctor’s prescription for patients. To be certified, the technician must meet eligibility requirements as well as earn a passing score on the test.

How The Certification Test Was Developed

The certification test is designed to test the soon to be technician’s competence in the field. A group of both pharmacists as well as pharmacy technicians has designed it. This group is selected to represent a wide range of settings where the new technician might find himself or herself working in the future. In addition to different types of practices, the group also represents different geographic locations.

The actual test is developed by experts in the field and based on a study of nationwide practices. It assesses the knowledge of the candidate relative to the field in three primary areas: Assisting Pharmacists, maintaining medication and keeping track of inventory as well as administration and management of the pharmacy. Two-thirds of the exam questions are based on assisting the pharmacist, while over 20% relates to maintaining medication and inventory. The remaining 12% of the exam deals with administration and management.

Preparing With The Pharmacy Technician Certification Practice Test

In order to prepare for the 110-minute test that contains 90 multiple choice questions, the candidate may want to take one or more pharmacy technician practice test. These tests are designed to let the candidate know the types of questions that may be found on the actual test. If a candidate uses the practice test as a diagnostic tool, it can help identify areas where he or she should spend some time brushing up on skills and knowledge.

Although use of practice test for pharmacy technician is optional, their use is certainly recommended for the candidate. Several options for the practice exams exist, including both sets of free questions as well as tests that need to be purchased.

Free Pharmacy Technician Certification Practice Test

Many of the free practice exams are designed to review content only and do not give the actual format of the real test. Even some of the review exams that are purchased do not give the actual format of the certification exam. Some candidates find practice tests that do provide the actual format are useful as they can reduce test anxiety.

Practice tests of this nature are not designed to predict one’s likelihood of actually passing the certification exam. Their primary purpose is to allow individuals to become familiar with the content, structure and format of the exam. In addition, some features of the practice tests that are designed more for review than to reveal the actual format of the test. Thus, the practice instrument may offer a set of essay questions for your consideration while the actual exam is only in essay form.

Where To Find A Pharmacy Technician Practice Test

There are many locations to find help in preparation for the certification test. On the internet, candidates may find sites that offer free tests and other preparation materials. Your school may also have help in preparation for the test. Most bookstores have preparation materials in the form of a book that reviews each of the major sections on the test as well as providing a practice exam. In addition to third party exams, the PTCB offers official practice exams for use by the candidate.

Taking The Certification Exam

The certification exam is completed on a computer. The candidate is not allowed to bring his or her own calculator to the exam but may use a calculator that is built into the exam or request a physical calculator from the test administrator. In addition to the information found in the practice exams, the individual will want to be prepared for computer testing verses paper testing.

Your decision to become a pharmacy technician is an important one, which will open many new opportunities for your career. Even though you have the training completed you must pass the exam, in order to be certified. The certification exam can be difficult but is designed to test your knowledge of things you should have learned in the training process. Candidates who prepare through use of a pharmacy technician certification practice test have the best chance of passing the certification test.


Individuals interested in making a career in the pharmacy field have to first get the pharmacy technician license. The license can be obtained only by those individuals who have the required educational qualification and certification. Before learning about the educational and certification requirements, it is necessary to know what this job entails.

Pharmacy technicians work in a medical institution or drug store on the medication counter. Initially, they have to work as a trainee in a junior level and assist the senior pharmacists.

The Pharmacy Tech License Process

The duties require the person to ensure the buyers get the right medication, exactly as prescribed by their doctors. Depending on the employer, the candidate may be asked to do other tasks such as labeling and organizing the medications.

After obtaining some experience on the job, pharmacy technicians are required to take up additional responsibilities like medication monitoring in the doctor’s clinic, and occasional dealing with medical insurance companies. At some places, they are also asked to handle some administrative and clerical works related to the medication selling or administration.

A person interested in getting in this field must have good communication skill, be able to decipher the doctor’s handwritten prescriptions, and feel comfortable working at the counter. The person must have the basic knowledge about the uses and side effects of drugs. After gaining on the job experience, a licensed candidate can expect to move up to a senior position and get higher salary.

How To Get A Pharmacy Technician License

The qualification requirements for this job are different for each state. Generally, a high school diploma or the equivalent GED is needed. It is mandatory for the applicant to have passed the certification tests. Thereafter, the person can apply for the pharmacy technician license.

Each state has its own Board of Pharmacy that determines the educational and certification requirements. Applicants have to check the details for the state where they intend to work. While national certification is not mandatory in most states, each state requires the candidate to be registered with the State Board of Pharmacy.

There are many community schools and colleges that offer such training programs as vocational programs. These programs may last six months to two years. The students are required to learn drug formulation and dosage calculation. For the real world experience, some programs also offer internship on the job. This type of formal requirement is not mandatory in every state.

Requirements Vary By State

In some states, a high school diploma is sufficient for the licensing requirement. This is a good option for applicants who do not want to go for the formal certification process. At the same time, applicants who choose this route may find that employers do not offer the same benefits that are available to qualified and formally trained candidates. Some medical institutions offer on the job training and assistance in getting certificates to individuals who could not go through the formal training and certification programs.

The certification process is handled by the ICPT and PTCB which are private organizations. Candidates who want to get pharmacy technician license must pass the PCTE and ExCPT exams. A license is offered only to those candidates who do not have any drug-related crime involvement or conviction record. After getting the certification, the trained and certified person can apply for the pharmacy technician license.

To get favorable score in any of these exams, candidates are recommended to go through the right reference materials. They can also participate in review sessions. There are a wide range of self study materials available that can be used effectively to achieve success in the certification exams. A candidate can also take help of group studies and assistance from a senior person working in the same field.

Training To Get Your Pharmacy Technician License

Some institutions offer short curriculum which involves direct on the job training in hospitals, clinics, shops, drugstores, offices or a pharmacy counter. There are also online courses that can be done in part-time from the comfort of home. Learning is easier if the trainees get hands-on experience at places where pharmacy technicians are employed.

Most states where licensing is mandatory also require renewal of certificate every two years. Some states have easier licensing procedures. At these places, candidates are not required to go through any exam or have any especial educational requirement. They can get their pharmacy technician license directly from the state pharmacy board after the application.


pharmacy technician testThe pharmacy technician test also known as the pharmacy technician exam, which is recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). When one passes the exam and becomes certified, he/she gets the title of a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

Those who pass this examination are able to do related tasks and jobs that licensed pharmacists assign to them. This is still of course, in accordance to the rules and regulations set by the state. Licensed technicians receive written prescription requests from patients, which also may be sent by electronic means from offices of doctors. They are even allowed to process physicians’ orders by phone in some states.

Pharmacy Technician Test

With these crucial and important factors, it is thus important that these pharmacy technicians are fully qualified at what they do. That is why a pharmacy technician test is in place to assure people that they are certified at what they do.

There are hundreds of testing centers across the United States, which you can locate online via your states registry website or visit the Pearson Vue website. You can choose a testing center that is nearest to your location. It is even possible in some states to schedule your exam online. Normally, you would just be asked to register an account online and then locate a testing center near you for you to take the pharmacy technician test.

What Will You Be Tested On?

The testing has been put together by experts in the pharmacy industry and rather than just having you memorize answers, it is designed to test your real world knowledge. It is comprised of 3 main parts, the largest being on serving and assisting patients. The next portions is on correctly being able to inventory medications and maintaining medications, such as identifying certain pharmaceuticals, placing orders, quality assurance and disposing of hazardous substances. Lastly is the administration and management portion which includes testing on using computers, phone and fax machines to place and receive orders. Also keeping records up to date, sanitizing and accounting.

Passing The Pharmacy Technician Test

For you to pass the exam, you need to enroll in a reputable pharmacy tech training program and pass the course. This training will allow you to prepare for taking your exam for pharmacy technician certification.

Make sure that you understand the calculations and formulas. It would also come in handy if you learn about pharmaceutical drugs and brand names. You may even consider getting a job in a pharmacy as an assistant. This way you can ask the pharmacists questions while you are going through a training program.

You can seek help from them to grant you guidance about taking the exam or the study tips that they’ve used and proven effective when they took their exams. If you’re not working on one, then visit your local pharmacy and ask if the pharmacist or pharmacy technician there can spare the time to help you prepare for the exam.

Practice Pharmacy Technician Test

You can also take a practice pharmacy technician test. There are websites pharmacy technician examthat offer free tests, that you can take multiple times and there are also paid practice tests such as (

Just be sure that if you are paying money for a practice test, that it is up to date. If you do a lot of practicing and take refresher courses, there’s no reason why you should not feel confident once the testing day arrives.

It would also be good to study books and published guides related to the pharmacy technician test. If you become familiar with the materials that are in basic pharmacy technician training guides, then this will definitely aid you in your exam preparations.

There are a lot of programs online and books that can give you tips that will help you review for the exam. It is important that you also find out if you have to know intravenous (IV) proficiency and if you are required to master this. There are hospitals or specialty pharmacies and even state boards that would require technicians to be proficient in IV use, as compared to those who are not trained in this skill. You can check if this is required in your area.

Applying For The Certification Exam

In order for you to apply for the pharmacy technician exam, you must meet certain requirements. They include having a GED or high school diploma and full disclosure of any criminal history. There is also a $129 fee to apply and if you are accepted, you will receive a letter called the ATT or authorization to test. You can then go on to scheduling a test date at your nearest testing center.

Other Pharmacy Technician Exam Tips

Make sure that you arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of schedule or earlier on the day of the exams. There are several forms that you will need to fill out. If you come in early, you also won’t be as anxious. Being nervous and feeling rushed might attribute performing poorly on the exam. To avoid situations like this, then don’t stay up late the night before like cramming with your studying and still doing practice exams. It is important that you get a full sleep of eight hours.

Find out what you need to bring with you when you go to test. You often need to apply for the test and then you will receive an authorization to test (ATT) letter. Bring this letter as well as proper I.D.

Lastly, don’t bring distractions into the testing center such as cell phones and other electronic gadgets. If you are fully prepared, then there should not be any worries. The most important tip that you should follow is to study hard, months before the most important exam you have to take in your professional life. Being prepared and passing the pharmacy technician test, is the first step to a great career.


what is a pharmacy technicianIf you are wondering what is a pharmacy technician, what does this profession do, and what does it entail, then you have come to the right place. Despite the problems with the economy, positions in the health care industry remain stable. After all, people will always get sick, need medicine and be in need of health care services around the clock.

More and more doors of opportunity are opening to different careers related in the health care industry. One of these good careers that people can now consider as an option is the pharmacy technician. For those who wish to get their foot in the door in the health care industry, specifically pharmacy, but do not have the degree, becoming a pharmaceutical technician is the way to go.

In terms of the average pharmacy technician salary, a pharmacy expert can earn between $13.32 and $15.88 an hour, data supported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At best, some pharmacy technicians get paid an hourly rate of as much as $19.00 or more.

What is a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmaceutical technicians act as aids or assistants to licensed pharmacists. The profession also provides customer support, performs administrative work, and fills in prescriptions for the customers. Although they can perform a number of similar tasks, a pharmacy expert must always work under the supervision of the pharmacist.

Depending on which state you may be in and the subsequent regulations, pharmacy technicians can take requests for prescription, do inventory and labeling of medication and count tablets for prescriptions.

What Is A Pharmacy Technician – What Do They Do?

If it is still not clear what is pharmacy technician, other roles that these specialists take on aside from preparing and filling in prescribed medicine for patients include mixing or perform compounding of medications (this is when drugs are mixed to meet a specific requirement or mixture that is uniquely for the patient).

Also, what is a pharmacy technician, if not someone who can also provide advice to patients for medications that do not need doctors prescription. They are also very handy at doing inventories of medicines, keeping track of medication and supply orders for the pharmacy and doing payment check on the orders and prescriptions.

What Is A Pharmacy Technician – In Hospital Settings

What is a pharmacy specialist to do if there are no available job openings in a pharmacy? Well, there are other viable options for this profession. In the healthcare industry care setting like a hospital, technicians help in dispensing medications for patients.

They will deliver the prescribed medications and keep the dispensed medications in record for the patient’s profile. Aside from the hospital, many other health institutions are in need of a good pharmacy specialist: private clinics, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and and community clinics.

What is a Pharmacy Specialist Certification?

Although it is not required in all states to get a certification to be a pharmaceutical specialist, it is recommended for you to get one if you want to maintain an edge over the competitive health care market. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians are the two organizations that are presently qualified to give you a recognized certification.

For the certification you have to pass an exam. Like most board qualifications or certifications, training programs are available to help your passing rate. You can improve your chances by enrolling in a formal pharmacy technician training program, which take at least six months to two years.

If you do pass the test and become certified, you will need to re-take the certification every two years to renew or maintain your pharmacy technician certification. Aside from the administrative, clerical and practical skills you will be learning as a pharmacy technician, you will be expected to know other basic skills in the service industry like customer service skills, good communication skills, phone etiquette, basic computer skills, basic to intermediate math skills (important when doing measurements), reading skills and of course, being able to follow directions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people are now doing searches on the career of a pharmacy technician because of the positive outlook this job has been getting lately. The health care field is in a continued growth from now until the next coming decade. Hopefully this article has answered what is a pharmacy technician for you and you now know that it is a very stable job opportunity.


how to become a pharmacy technicianWith ever-increasing opportunities to make a career in medical sciences, many people want to know the exact process on how to become a pharmacy technician. Everyday new medicines are being developed for the benefit of people suffering from certain diseases. This constant innovation and research needs to be backed up by professionals in the field of pharmaceuticals who can assist in production and distribution of medicines and drugs to the consumers.

Not anyone can perform the tasks involved in this process. The individual intending to serve in this field needs to hold valid certification and qualifications. Adequate qualification and certification is necessary for any individual to perform duties specific to his niche in the best possible manner without affecting the efficiency of the whole system.

How To Become A Pharmacy Technician

The economy is unstable but there has been significant development in the field of medical sciences. Today, the right individual have various sets of opportunities to be a part of this industry. Thus contributing towards a healthier and disease free environment to live in. Grocery stores, hospitals and other agencies related to pharmaceuticals, employ pharmacy technicians in large numbers to provide uninterrupted services to their customers and meet their demands.

Aspiring individuals can groom themselves for various positions in this field by obtaining relevant qualification. Knowledge of certain subjects is the basic criteria while the individual can specialize in any of the available streams as per his or her interest. The individual would have to become conversant with the terminology used in the field so as to understand and perform the desired tasks without any errors and time lag.

How To Become A Pharmacy Technician Without Going To School – Is It Possible?

Those wondering how to become a pharmacy technician without going to school will be disappointed because in order become eligible for pharmacy technician jobs, you must complete a basic education program. The length of a typical program could be between 12 – 36 months or more. You can do some research to find out the available options and then make an appropriate decision by choosing any one of those options.

Apart from theoretical knowledge, it would be in your favor if you also work as a pharmacy assistant while you complete your studies. With this, you will get practical knowledge of the field, which will be helpful to you in the long run and also when you appear for the interview. The interviewer would like to hire an individual with considerable practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the industry.

How To Become A Pharmacy Technician And Gain Certification

Once you have completed base level qualification, take a pharmacy technician certification course from a reputed certifying agency for pharmacy technicians. However, this may not be mandatory depending on your locale, but it would be an extra edge to your qualification and you would have better chances of getting a high-paying job. Certain employers look for higher credentials before hiring which makes it a good idea to have as much accreditation as possible.

Pharmacist techs are required to attend training on a regular basis to keep their knowledge up to date of the recent changes and important notifications in the field. This periodic pharmacy technician training has become a normal thing for most of the industries. With technology and the field of medicine constantly improving, it is critical to stay abreast of any changes or advancements within the pharmaceutical industry.

The other important thing that you may need to consider before you join any course on how become a pharmacy technician, is that you would need to inculcate the spirit of customer service in yourself. As you would be dealing with clients and customers on a daily basis, this is essential. For this you may also like to develop your communication skills, if needed.

Commitment and dedication for your job is what will drive you forward towards better opportunities and progress in the field. Take your time to research the possibilities and whether this is the right field for you to develop your skills while enjoying the work you would be doing as a pharmacy technician. For more information on how to become a pharmacy technician, do some research or visit a school to sit down with a counselor.


pharmacy technician trainingEnrolling in a pharmacy technician training program is the first step to becoming a pharmaceutical technician. Essentially, this is a heath care worker who conducts pharmacy related functions and works under the supervision of a health professional or licensed pharmacist.

Technicians work in a slew of locations as well as in retail or hospital pharmacies. At times, they could also be found in care facilities, third party insurance companies and pharma manufacturers. At times, they could also be found in government, software computer companies or teaching.

Pharmacy Technician Training

A few tasks which they perform include administrative-related pharma practice, assessing requests for prescription with insurance companies and doctor’s offices. Doing so ensures that proper medications are offered and payment is appropriately received. In a lot of countries, their importance and the value of pharmacy technician training has increased due to evident shortages seen.

They also perform a slew of tasks which are related to dispensing and preparing prescribed medications for patients. They also compound medications, offer advice for medications which require no prescriptions, track medications and perform supply orders inventory as well as follow up on other payments and administrative tasks. Each of these tasks are gone over in training courses to help prepare technicians.

The requirements needed to be a pharmacy tech vary across numerous jurisdictions. However, they mainly require skills and knowledge in pharma services as acquired in a formal setting. It is a general requirement that one has completed high school in order to go through pharmaceutical technician training. A university degree is not at all necessary.

Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Pharmacy technician training programs are usually provided by community and technical colleges. At times, they could also be provided by hospitals, the military, distant or online pharmacy technician schools. Study areas include pharmacy, relevant laws, retail, healthcare ethics, medical terminology, hospital practice, alternative medicine, human physiology, diseases, customer care, inventory management, pharmacotherapeutics, infection control.

Practical pharmaceutical technician training such as completing internship training is usually required as part of employment. A lot of employers require them to be certified by a local or national board and has passed a standard exam. In the US, voluntary certification could be had via private organizations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics state that approximately 75% of America’s CPhT work in a retail environment. This includes online pharmacies, mass retailer chains, independent drugstores. An added 16% of such pharmacy technician jobs could be found in hospitals. Meanwhile, others worked in the Federal Government, nursing homes or pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Certified Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Meanwhile, a Certified Pharmacist Technician or (CPhT) words under the direct supervision of an R.Ph or Registered Pharmacist as well as a Doctor of Pharmacy. This specific profession has different certification and educational requirements in numerous locales as according to the Board of Pharmacy of every state.

After acquiring technical school education or an associate degree, one could then take an exam. These are provided by two certification bodies. One is the PTCE or pharmacy technician certification exam which is provided by the PTCB or Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. The other exam is ExCPT or Exam for the Certification of Pharmacy Technician as provided by the ICPT.

Once one has completed the exam successfully, the candidate is then given certification. The technician needs to complete continuing education in order to maintain his or her certification. A CPhT works under a pharmacist’s direct supervision. They must be knowledgeable and familiar with OTC or over-the-counter areas as well as processes in 3rd party insurance billing.

In an inpatient environment, the CPht works in the hospital dispensing and packing medications to numerous nursing units. They also dispense narcotic medication, document the weight, drug allergies, height of patients as well as other information necessary for medical records. Whether you choose to become certified or continue your education to become a pharmacist, enrolling in a pharmacy technician training program will put you on the path to a successful career.